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Principal's Message


Dear Parents:


It is my distinct honor and pleasure to serve as the Director for Sixth Street Academy!  I am elated to be part of this new journey that we are about to embark upon together.  As we prepare to transform and shape the minds of the young people that we will serve, we are going to set the bar at a standard that will be attainable if we all work together.  Our school will become a place where students will learn to behave appropriately while also attaining the necessary academic courses so that they will be able to successfully matriculate through our program to ultimately return to their home school. 


This year, our theme is “You Matter”.  Here, our focus will be on educating the whole child by fostering relationships, mentoring, disseminating information through various forms of learning which should foster and allow each student to learn to become accountable for his/her behavior and academics. I know that this process will take time, but we can do it if we work together. 


Together, we will shift the climate and culture at Sixth Street Academy in a positive way.  By the time our students get ready to return to their respective schools, they will leave knowing that they did matter, and that we did our best to prepare them for success. 


Together, we will rebrand Sixth Street Academy!  Success is in the air!  Feel it! Believe it! Live it! Exemplify it!  Again, the bar has been set.  Parents, I know that I can count on you to help us make this a successful year.  After all, teamwork makes the TEAM work, and Together Everyone Achieves More! 



Dr. Tonja C. Tift