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Harvey's Rewards

An easy way to support Tift County Schools is to participate in the Harvey’s Hometown Educational Rewards program. The program allows parents and supporters to link their personal Rewards Key to local schools (up to three schools). Then, each time they shop with their personal Rewards Key, the school automatically earns points toward free educational equipment.
Shoppers that wish to support a participating organization simply need to link their personal Rewards Key in one of ways:
• By completing the simple online registration form at
• By completing a supporter sign up form with their school.
Throughout the year, the points schools accumulate can be redeemed for free educational items from our catalog. We have everything from books and art supplies to computers and sports equipment.

The codes of Tift County School are:

Pre-K Center: 43643
Annie Belle Clark Primary: 43632
G.O. Bailey Primary: 43636
Len Lastinger Primary: 43638
Northside Primary: 43641
Charles Spencer Elementary: 43634
Matt Wilson Elementary: 43639
Omega Elementary: 49653
J.T. Reddick: 43637
Eighth Street Middle: 43635
Northeast Campus: 43640
Tift County High School: 43642
Sixth Street Academy: 53628